Superintendent • Carpenter

Evan Ezell

Evan met Mark in 1967 at Malibu Park Junior High and they’ve been friends ever since.

As a young man in the mid-70s, he got his contractor’s license and started his own business. He then spent twenty years building in Malibu and another twenty building on Catalina Island.

He is particularly proud of his work rebuilding the El Rancho Escondido Horse Museum in Catalina for the Wrigley family and his restoration of the Schindler house to original plans and specifications with modern techniques and materials. During this time he also met his wife and started a family.

Evan is excited to have the opportunity to work with his good friend Mark. He brings over forty years of experience to the team and enjoys the sense of teamwork at Armfield. His goal is to continue learning as much as possible in order to become the best builder he can be.

In his spare time, Even likes to surf and ride his bike. He also studies contemporary and modern architectural home style.