July 28, 2015

Armfield Testimonials

I run a big company that puts a lot of demands on my time. When I have a project I need someone I can trust who won’t add another substantial layer to my list of “Things to Manage”, Mark Armfield and his team at Armfield Design & Construction make any project big or small very easy for me to implement. They have been trustworthy, consistent, and very fast to solve any issue which comes up (and issues always come up – so this point cannot be overemphasized). Everyone says they’re professional. Everyone says they will stay with a project until it’s complete and then stand behind it. Everyone will say they offer competitive prices. Few actually live up to it. Armfield Does. You can quote me.


Mark Armfield built our house in Malibu, California. It was a challenging project. We wanted a tight, beautifully crafted home with a couple of pretty crazy details, like a rain catchment system that could service the entirety of our household water needs during the winter. 7 years later our home continues to delight us. The craftsmanship is second to none. The durability of the work is impeccable.

During construction Mark became a brother to us. His exceptional crew also became family. It was a journey to be sure. But if Mark wasn’t on the property, he was always a phone call away, 24/7. Mostly calls to Mark were construction related. Every now and then my wife and I just needed to be talked off the ledge. If this is the first house you are building, trust me, you want a builder that can do that. Mark is a master. He cares deeply about his work and the people for whom he is building. He understands the intense nature of his work and becomes the very best kind of partner throughout. We love our home and have very fond memories of the process.

Im happy to talk to anyone considering working with Mark. I hold him in the highest esteem personally and professionally.

Lucas Donat, CEO, Tiny Rebellion

We have been associated with Mark Armfield and Armfield Design and Construction in various professional capacities over the past 25 years. Mark and his company have impressed us with their honesty, diligence, creativity and persistence in bringing projects to successful completion. They know how to constructively work together with owners, architects and the building department.

Marc Winnikoff, Managing Director Grafskoy Hindeloopen Limited, LLC

As a Business Manager for over 40 years, we have had the opportunity to deal with many contractors.  There is no one that we have a higher regard for than Mark Armfield and his company, Armfield Design & Construction.   They are good people and a pleasure to work with – professional, thorough, honest, and responsive.

Roy D. Kaufman; Kaufman, Bernstein, Wertenbruch, Thompson & Robert

Mark Armfield did a remodel of our house in Malibu that essentially amounted to a complete re-build.  His exceptional relationships with the City allowed this to get done when many said it would be impossible.   Mark’s best attribute is his creativity.  When confronted with a problem that can’t be solved, he always says, “We’re not taking that wave” and he comes up with a new way to find an even better solution.

Bill Bindley, Gulfstream Pictures, Warner Bros. Studios

Our partners in design, our partners in construction.

Jay and Camden Cassidy, Film Producer and Editor

Thank you and your team for the services you provided at the Santa Monica home. Your hard work and dedication throughout the project was greatly appreciated!

Greg Penske, Chairman/CEO of Penske Motor Group

You may know that my wife and  I moved out of Malibu. We were able to sell our house and move into a bigger place in Santa Monica. The work you did on the place added a lot of value. I was very impressed that you stuck to your bid on the deck even though it was clear you had undercut yourself a bit as to the extent of the job.

It was a great pleasure to be in business with you and get to know you. My best wishes to you and your family!

D.B. Sweeney, Actor

I met Mark Armfield in 2005 as I was interviewing several contractors to remodel my home in Paradise View Estates in Malibu. Needless to say I met ALL SORTS! Mark spoke the least of all, but when he did it was with a soulful, professional and decisive demeanor. I hired him immediately. I saw the wheels turning and the artistic talent flowing. Armfield Design & Construction spent a year remodeling my home.

During this time, I came to know Mark, his wonderful staff and his family very well. It became the most beautiful project, I could have imagined, as this was my dream home. I would constantly hear disdain in people’s voices when they talked about their relationship with their contractor. Of course I’m not a shy one, and certainly not afraid to toot someone’s horn when they deserve it, so I would offer my two cents!! “Not me,” I would say, “I’m so lucky! I love my contractor. Armfield Design and I worked together beautifully.”

I watched, listened and learned from Mark, as this was only my second large project. He taught me patience, precision and passion for what we were creating. One comment that came up often was “we can always find a solution.” We did just that!

Our paths did not end there. Mark told me of his love of family, mankind and Malibu where he had grown up. He spoke of his life story and his passion to help others around the world! He had a vision. The vision was “RainCatcher”!! I had grown to trust and adore Mark and respect what he stood for. My heart and soul were touched. I was brought on as an ambassador for RainCatcher. I felt the wonder, passion and diligence RainCatcher was built on… a solid foundation! To see this foundation grow, opened my heart to support RainCatcher’s cause to the fullest.

My largest donor, mentor and friend for RainCatcher is Sumner Redstone. He has continually given support to RainCatcher. Mr. Redstone, as many well know, has given MILLIONS to multiple foundations, charities and causes. We thank you forever and always! He has made it possible for RainCatcher to go into Haiti and Africa to supply the world with clean water. We were able to supply filters and tanks to harvest the water for villages and schools. The children of these villages were traveling miles on foot, only to bring back, dirty, filthy and diseased water! They now have clean water right in their village. What a gift to have CLEAN WATER!

Thank You Mark for who you are and making this world a better place to live in!!

Terry Holbrook Actress/Model/Music Manager

Congratulations Mark – You got the permit to go – something that sometimes takes 9 months to a year to get “started”, you’ve gotten done in four months. As we knew, you would do all that you could and pull out all the stops… Thank you does not seem enough, and we know what pride you take in getting things done, timely, properly and with our clients best interest in mind.

Sherry W.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you on Kendall’s job. I know it was tough but you, especially Brad, did an exceptional job. I truly appreciate your hard work ethic & respect for my trade. I look forward to working with you and your crew again! We can hands down tell everyone we know you  are the best contractors to work with.

Thanks again for all your efforts. The house is beautiful.