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Founded by Mark Armfield in 1983

Armfield Design & Construction has been focused on designing and building high quality, sustainable and green buildings.

Meet Mark Armfield

Mark’s dedication to ecological purity is the foundation for what sets Armfield Design & Construction apart from competitors. Mark and his team believe in paying it forward environmentally. The homes they construct are ecologically friendly and economically efficient over the long run.

A lifelong resident of Malibu, California, Mark Armfield has contributed to the governance and betterment of Malibu. He is a former Chamber of Commerce director and served three terms as president of the Malibu Association of Contractors. He also participated in Malibu’s Sustainable Building Committee. His passion for the environment has led him to help communities far beyond Malibu.


More than one billion people lack access to safe drinking water.

In the search for safe water sources, many people’s lives are compromised. Mark Armfield founded the non-profit organization, RainCatcher, as a way to provide clean water in the developing world.

RainCatcher is a small, simple technology that allows communities to harvest and filter rainwater.  No wells, pumps, electricity or irrigation systems are needed. It is an innovative system that is easy to use. The RainCatcher mission is to heal communities in developing countries by providing clean water.

Mark Armfield founded RainCatcher, a non-profit dedicated to healing communities by providing clean water for children.

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The Armfield Team

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Our Happy Clients

Congratulations Mark – You got the permit to go — something that sometimes takes 9 months to a year to get "started," you've gotten done in four months. Thank you does not seem enough, and we know what pride you take in getting things done, timely, properly and with our clients best interest in mind.

Sherry W.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication throughout the project at our Santa Monica home.