July 14, 2015

How Do You Even Clean a Glass Shower Door?


I was recently asked by an author if they could feature some of Armfield Design & Construction’s work on an article entitled, “How the heck do you even clean a glass shower door?” We were happy to be involved since glass doors can be tricky for even veteran homeowners to keep clean.

The author of this article does an excellent job of conveying the importance of daily maintenance and using environmentally friendly cleaners to ensure a long and immaculate life for your shower doors. While we agree with the DIY cleaners she recommends, we also wanted to add one cleaner we’ve found to be particularly great: Orange TKO. This is an excellent multi purpose cleaner that’s environmentally friendly and will work great on shower glass as well. Best of all, it smells amazing! You can say goodbye to the traditional overwhelming smells produced by typical cleaning products; this product has subtle citrus notes, and will leave your home looking beautiful and smelling great.

Make sure to grab a microfiber cloth and get to cleaning after reading this article!