President • CEO

Mark Armfield

As a young boy, Mark developed a love of nature while riding horses on the beaches of Point Dume.

At that time Malibu was pristine, with clear water full of abalones. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case–the waters are murky and the abalones have all been harvested. This transformation of the landscape has fueled Mark’s passion to build in a smart, organic manner that works in harmony with Mother Nature. He is proud to lead a company that specializes in custom home building and the restoration of Malibu and local areas to their natural beauty.

His interest in the intersection of science, nature and technology has resulted in a non-profit, RainCatcher, dedicated to making affordable clean water available to everyone in the world. As founder, Mark has seen the difference this organization has made in people’s lives in Kenya, Uganda, India and Haiti.

Throughout his career, Mark has served in a leadership capacity with organizations such as the Malibu Association of Contractors, Malibu Chamber of Commerce, and more. His contributions have been noticed through awards–even garnering recognition from the United States Congress. These collaborations have allowed him to contribute to the betterment of his community by building school parks, theaters and new classrooms.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys surfing, skiing, music, and spending time with his family.