September 3, 2015

Malibu Home Made Entirely of Salvaged Material

Many people dream of owning a custom home in Malibu overlooking the beautiful beaches, but they typically don’t imagine it made entirely of salvaged materials. The Wall Street Journal recently published the article, “A Vintage Modern Mashup Home in Malibu” where they describe the lengthy process this family went through to build their dream home. I had my doubts when I read the headline of this article; however, after reading further and looking at pictures I couldn’t help but be impressed. They successfully built a beautiful deconstructed French Townhouse with a modern and vintage twist in the hills of Malibu made entirely of recycled and salvaged materials! The property even includes a bridge made of salvaged wood from a Malibu pier. Make sure to give the article a thorough read when you have a change; it’s inspiring!

French House3

I would be interested to see if anyone has a favorite eclectic home design of their own.